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radar with a huge PvP functionallity

Absolute domination in the world of Lineage 2!

NexTarget - radar for Lineage 2(L2), tipping balance of game to your side!
After the battle your enemies will delete game client and you wear the crown of the winner...
Functionality will allow you to focus on getting pleasure from game, because you are in it for this!
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Adrenaline - the most popular bot and script platform for Lineage II. It automate gameplay using built-in functions and scripts. We offer a wide range of paid and free scripts.
Adrenalin is constantly updated to guarantee secure and stable game without locks.

  • supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), from Interlude to Fafurion / Seven Sings
  • multilanguage interface, list of priority targets, list of attacking target, locator
  • combo sorting of players (class, name / clans, buffs, effects, equips, etc.)
  • detailed information about current target (stats, equips, buffs, effects)
  • assist, defense allies, targeting players by priority and class
  • hotkeys for controlling interface and functions, fast changing profiles of settings
  • hiding useless objects and animations to increase perfomance, chaning names of players
  • using own scripts, creating widgets and screen notices
  • 20 PvP functions (using series of skills with flexible conditions, holding target,
    screen notices for a lot of events and showing damage, ignoring agression,
    ignoring invisibility(AntiGM), atticking wars after resurrection(reskill), collective skill using,
    breaking casts, avoing breaking casts, auto CP/HP/MP, dispeling buffs, fast "Alt+B" buff,
    controling "noblesse blessing", quest cursor to target, controlling weapon,
    avoiding backward attacks, attacking with moving backward, controlling toggle skills)